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A True Taxidermy Studio

Creative Concepts is a true art in taxidermy studio. Just look at my paintings then the taxidermy artistry will shine through to you. My work speaks for itself with a portfolio spanning over 27 years with animals all over the world from all different classes including Mammals, Reptiles, and Fish. I am a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, North American Wild Sheep and a life member of Safari Club International as well as other notable organizations notable organizations.

I specialize in lifesize work and custom floor and wall pedastals.

I also create murals, rock mountains and waterfalls for showrooms. Each animal is recreated to set off the memory you have or want to see. Each form of mannequin is changed in some way so that it is one of a kind. I do work for clients all over the United States and Canada. I have done trophies from all over the world from life size Giraffes to the smallest of Antelopes. All work gets my personal attention, and I am highly accessible and quickly responsive.

As these photos show I’ve drawn on the skeletal structure to ensure the accuracy and symetry. Atristry in motion can be obtained in stillness. It’s all in the details.

Our studio is 3800 sqft with 19 foot ceilings, our showroom is 1500 sqft with a waterfall (shown below)) which is an example of our showroom design capabilities as well as rock mountains and murals of your favorite destinations. We also have a one-ton floor crane for the numerous large life-size projects we do.




I use only the best materials and tanning, custom cast parts and custom forms that are the right size and attitude for your project. I use habitats that match your photos or area from which the animal originated. Our goal is an 8 month completion from date of deposit.

We have successfully competed in taxidermy competitions over the years. I can also help with overseas shipping and clearing. My studio is fully insured and located just 10 minutes from Baltimore-Washington International Airport.



Five Star Service
by John George,
Lead Artist & Owner
Taxidermist in MD